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Are you or a loved one being held in custody and told to sign papers by CBSA official we strongly urge you to contact one of our lawyers and we will gladly assist you but do so before you deal with CBSA on their terms, Don’t feel intimidated contact us immediately for help.

First: I want to let you know that you have the right to an independent hearing to review why you are being detained.

Second: When the CBSA detains you, it must tell the Immigration Division of the IRB.

Third: An IRB  member will then hold a detention review hearing within 48 hours of your detention.

Fourth: We can Help!, Detention is a serious matter, although you can represent yourself in your hearing, we recommend you to hire immigration specialized lawyer like  shawarlaw.com

In Shawar Law we deal with a variety of immigration issues from inside or outside Canada applications for spousal sponsorship for permanent residence status to Canada to skilled worker applications, refugee cases, pre-removal risk assessment applications, hearings or appeals to the Immigration and Refugee board of Canada or the Immigration Appeal Division of Canada. Notice to appear situations in front of the Immigration and Refugee Board or the Immigration Appeal Division of Canada.  We also deal with detention hearings or detention reviews for people detained by Canada Border Services Agency as well as applications for Criminal Rehabilitation to Canada and Inadmissibility hearings. If you find yourself in need of assistance because of any of the situations mentioned above or for any other issues dealing with Citizenship and Immigration Canada or Canada Border Services Agency please contact us at shawarlaw.com
We can also deal directly with CBSA or CIC officers on your behalf.

Immigration Detention Appeal

You have the right to Appeal

Have you been arrested or detained by Canada Border Services Agency and are currently in detention and need help getting released contact us shawarlaw.com

Need representation at a detention review to get of prison or custody contact us shawarlaw.com

Facing the prospect of imminent deportation from Canada contact us shawarlaw.com

Has your visa expired and you are worried about deportation please contact us for help shawarlaw.com

Shawar Law offers a wide range of Canadian Immigration services. We can help with applications for sponsoring your spouse, or child, immigration visas both temporary status (work, study, and travel visas) and permanent residence status (family sponsorship, skilled workers, refugee cases, detention hearing or detention review and admissibility hearings).